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Naruto adventures CANCELED!

2009-08-07 22:40:16 by Sai-lunum

Naruto adventures has to be canceled because when I was making episode 2 my computer got really slow and it shut down.So I tried again and the same thing happend.Then soon enough I thought of making it over into something better and can't shut down my computer. So I don't know if it will still be Naruto. Maybe something like Kirby or Starfy.But I'll try my best so everyone will like it!

P.S:It will be a fighting video so I'll either make homemade sprites or use kirby,starfy or Naruto.

Naruto adventures CANCELED!


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2009-08-07 22:49:19



2009-08-09 21:50:08

Don't invert sprites.
It's noobish, and retarded.

Sai-lunum responds:

what else can i do? I can't do it picture by picture that's stupid.